Monday, July 29, 2019

Miranda Wanders Back - No Really....

... she's on her way. She's just taking the scenic route.

So... she has an Instagram -

And a Facebook Page -

What she DOESN'T have yet is a house, but I'll get that figured out. (How is it that I NEVER seem to have a house for her when she comes and goes from the Wylde Kingdom? Weird.)

I'm so excited that she's coming back to me. I'll let you know as soon as she arrives.

- Wendy

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Wandering Back - One Weird Trip

So, yeah. Things happened. Again.

And now, one WEEK before the 37th Annual Fall Miniatures Show and Sale, they realized they needed me.


I got it handled, and that kind of time crunch allowed me to negotiate a pretty sweet (long term, I might add) contract.

It's nice to be out of storage. There are no flowers in storage. 

But tons of them in the yard this year. Weird.

I found my camera, but it had someone else's pictures on it.

These are not my feet. But they are on MY camera. Weird.

So, yeah. Got a camera. Back to blogging. I'm back on Facebook. I even have an Instagram account, if you're into things like that.

Oh, and I found Snuffy, too!

So after this miniature show nonsense I may even try picking up his blog again. That was kind of fun. - The Shuffling Snuffy

I've missed toy photography, and flowers, and being out of storage. It's good to be back out and about.

Now on to this miniatures show.

- Miranda

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Midnight in the Dollhouse MEETING & Snuffy Blog!

We're having a meeting today at the Wylde Kingdom Grange. Business meeting, about Midnight in the Dollhouse and upcoming things. 

I got the Grange all cleaned up and snapped this picture of Snuffy, my toy elephant, hanging out.

And that got me thinking. Wendy thinks toy photography is so fun, maybe I should try it too?

'Cause Snuffy is a GREAT toy, and I like photographing him.

So, I made a blog for my Snuffy photography. It's The Shuffling Snuffy, and you can see it here -

I'm kind of excited to have a new project. Check it out and hopefully there will be more Snuffy photographs soon!

- Miri (Snuffy Handler & Toy Photographer)